How do we make sure your content is localised for international SEO?

Search has changed dramatically over the years, Google uses Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to understand if the content is related to a search query. Google is focusing on user intent for more accurate and personalized results. The contextual results are based on the user intent.


For instance, if you’re searching for “Batman” in October, most likely you’ll be shown websites selling Halloween costumes. If you’re searching for “Batman” while you are in Turkey, you will probably be redirected to info related to the city of Batman.


Content must be contextually relevant to your prospective clients and customer. And context is something beyond keywords and localisation. What are they searching for? What do they need? What is the context of their search?


When a piece of content created, it is very important to take in mind the keywords related to the topic. There might be variations of keywords, associated phrases or synonyms, depending on the user intent.


If you carefully consider a user’s intent, it will help you identify keywords, align context with content, identify numerous content ideas and offer personalized results to the user.


At browser bloom we understand the benefits of localised SEO on contextual search to attract the right type of customer – your customer, helping them to get faster and more accurate results based on their query.