Bally experienced a 45% increase in international organic search traffic.

Bally is well know the luxury label established in Switzerland in 1851 known for its exceptional footwear. Today the brand offers unique and vibrant designs across footwear, accessories, ready-to-wear and eyewear.


  • Deliver SEO strategy to improve the brand search traffic and conversion.
  • Improve international search traffic and visibility.
  • Improve content marketing and outreach

Our Approach

Deliver full SEO technical audit

  • Duplicate product variation and title duplication fixes
  • Root issue with internal link structure and canonicalization fixes
  • Geo targeting and hreflang fixes for better content targeting and local market visibility.


Improve the content marketing and outreach

  • Worked collaboratively with marketing teams to deliver on site optimisation strategies to increase exposure and improve natural search ranking on all digital marketing campaigns
  • Developed high value content for audiences based on SEO strategies and gap analysis performed on non-brand keywords and opportunities identified for new growth.
  • Created content to reflect the content marketing strategy with new content ideas
  • Worked closely with the marketing team to deliver a robust outreach strategy cross PR, social and influential partners.


Provide global SEO strategy to improve traffic and conversion

  • Geo targeting and implement hreflang annotation fixes
  • Tagging and product description for local market fixes
  • Worked alongside external marketing agency to improve content based on multilingual keywords research


Global organic traffic increase by 45% and global conversion increased by 44%.
They have also experienced a positive impact on their SEO ranking performance and organic search visibility.

  • Traffic - Q1 FY16
  • Traffic - Q1 FY17