BrowserBloom Ltd and ABS consulting sign a landmark Oil & Gas collaboration

11th February 2019 – Northern Power House.

Today the directors of ABS CLOUD and BrowserBloom agreed to offer ABS customers a market first for Oil & Gas industry suppliers engaged in B2B activity with their Operators. ABS has provided Oil & Gas suppliers with a full electronic document trading platform for 100’s of Operators and their B2B marketplaces. ABS enables a supplier to fully digitalise its Order To Cash process and removes the need for manual invoice submission and the use of non -integrated marketplace web-portals.

ABS has transacted data worth Billions of Dollars in invoice value. Now ABS wants to remove the overhead cost of B2B by extracting the value from the supplier’s transactional data and use it to help drive additional revenue. The digital value of this data is rich and continues to be so long after the invoice has been settled.

A fully integrated SEO service has been created by BowserBloom to compliment the ABS Clouds Order to Cash network. This collaboration will integrate with the client’s sales and marketing operation and will be used to increase their online visibility. Analysing the hidden data to establish current industry buying trends with all Upstream, Midstream and downstream clients and potential clients.

“It is a fine balancing act for every supplier when it comes to resource” commented Mike Battersby CEO of ABS Cloud. “The need to satisfy the integration requirements of the Operator can seem the least priority compared to driving Revenue”. ABS CLOUD has been an innovator in Supplier B2B. We have made it a pro-active and profitable process rather than a reactive, resource-intensive process. “This is why the collaboration with BrowserBloom will add significant value to all our current and future clients. With BrowserBloom onboard, we can now offer a digitally optimized marketing option making the real-world operational need a valuable and untapped revenue resource”

“ABS is a hidden gem in the end to end Order to Cash, EDI and B2B services world of Oil and Gas” commented Terry Lambert, CEO of BrowserBloom Ltd. “I was there at the inception of this service when all the giants of the B2B world were licking their wounds after the financial crash of 2008. ABS was like a phoenix out of the ashes. A wealth of industry experience embracing the new digital era of Oil and Gas standards and creating a collaboration network that benefited the real-world supplier and got them paid on time. It was a “no brainer” for us to join forces with ABS to offer this as an industry first in terms of utilising real data for the purposes of SEO in an industry that been super resilient in recent times”. Our joint understanding of the boutique nature of all industries places the BrowerBloom and ABS collaboration in pole position to help all our clients. We know that businesses are just like people, everyone is different, in their own way.

Mike Battersby commented, “We aim to absorb the cost of this additional service within our current pricing structure, which means our customers receive the service as standard”.